You can change the behavior of the underlying SMARTS engine.

Configuration of the engine can come from several sources. These locations take precedence as noted:

  1. Individual SMARTS_ prefixed environment variables (e.g. SMARTS_SENSOR_WORKER_COUNT)

  2. Local directory engine configuration (./smarts_engine.ini)

  3. Local user engine configuration, ~/.smarts/engine.ini, if local directory configuration is not found.

  4. Global engine configuration, /etc/smarts/engine.ini, if local configuration is not found.

  5. Package default configuration, $PYTHON_PATH/smarts/engine.ini, if global configuration is not found.

Note that configuration files resolve all settings at the first found configuration file (they do not layer.)


All settings demonstrated as environment variables are formatted to UPPERCASE and prefixed with SMARTS_ (e.g. [core] logging can be configured with SMARTS_CORE_LOGGING)

These settings are as follows:


List engine settings