Argoverse 2

SMARTS supports loading and replaying scenarios from the Argoverse 2 Motion Forecasting Dataset. See the Argoverse website for more info and download instructions.

An example SMARTS scenario is located here. After downloading the dataset, modify the scenario_id and scenario_path variables to point to the desired Argoverse scenario:

# scenario_path is a directory with the following structure:
# /path/to/dataset/{scenario_id}
# ├── log_map_archive_{scenario_id}.json
# └── scenario_{scenario_id}.parquet

scenario_id = "0000b6ab-e100-4f6b-aee8-b520b57c0530"
scenario_path = Path("/home/user/argoverse/train/") / scenario_id

Make sure you’ve installed the required dependencies:

$ pip install -e .[argoverse]

You can then run any of the examples with this scenario:

$ scl run --envision examples/ scenarios/argoverse