Learn SUMO through its user documentation .

SMARTS currently directly installs SUMO version >=1.15.0 via pip.

$ pip install eclipse-sumo

Alternative installation methods, albeit more difficult, are described below.

Centralized TraCI management

With the default behaviour each SMARTS instance will attempt to ask the operating system

for a port to generate a TraCI server on which can result in cross-connection of SMARTS and TraCI server instances.

## console 1 (or in background OR on remote machine)
# Run the centralized sumo port management server.
# Use `export SMARTS_SUMO_CENTRAL_PORT=62232` or `--port=62232`
$ python -m smarts.core.utils.centralized_traci_server

By setting SMARTS_SUMO_TRACI_SERVE_MODE to "central" SMARTS will use the TraCI management server.

## console 2
## Set environment variable to switch to the server.
# This can also be set in the engine configuration.
## Optional configuration
# export SMARTS_SUMO_CENTRAL_HOST=localhost
## do run
$ python

Package managers

Instructions for installation from package managers are available at .

Build from source

If you wish to compile SUMO by yourself from source