envision.client_config module

class envision.client_config.EnvisionStateFilter(actor_data_filter: Dict[str, SingleAttributeOverride], simulation_data_filter: Dict[str, SingleAttributeOverride])[source]

A state filtering tool.

actor_data_filter: Dict[str, SingleAttributeOverride]

Actor filtering.

classmethod default()[source]

Give a new default filter.

simulation_data_filter: Dict[str, SingleAttributeOverride]

Simulation filtering.

class envision.client_config.SingleAttributeOverride(enabled: bool, default: Any, max_count: int = 9223372036854775807)[source]

Options for filtering out attributes.

default: Any

The default value for the stream if not enabled.

enabled: bool

If the stream value is enabled.

max_count: int

The maximum number of elements an iterable attribute can contain.